Friday, June 10, 2011

Sounds like a plan

The other day I was with my 12 year old nephew while he was doing his homework (some sort of massive biography, family tree/history sort of thing). He covered the screen and told me it was private but then later called me over and showed me this paragraph. Then he had to call someone to mop up the puddle I had melted into. (of course when I was his age I was going to be an architect :) )

My Future Plan

My future plan is to be an artist. My parents say I have a touch for art, but I say it just comes to you. I am planning to accomplish this goal by taking art classes, visiting some artists, do some doodling and art when ever I can, and read some books about art. I think this will help because I can get information from artist to help me be a better artist, learn at art camps I will attend too, and by reading books about art. When I read the books I can learn some great art to make and/or learn about. With all this information I will store it and when I take out a piece of paper and a pencil I will produce some fabulous artwork for all to enjoy and love.

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